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The Effects of Role Cards as Drama Technique on Success and Attitude in Teaching of Speaking Ability
This study has aimed to determine the effects of role cards as drama technique and conventional learning method on academic success devoted to gain speaking ability and the attitude devoted to Turkish lesson. Working group consists of 54 students attended to 8th grade of a primary school in Trabzon in academic year of 2009-2010. Information about students (gender, age, previous grades) has been collected by personal information form. According to pre-test date and previous grades reached from personal information form, the working group has been randomly separated two groups: control group (n=29) and experimental group (n=25). Data on speaking ability of groups and attitudes devoted to lesson have been collected by observation form and attitude scale, respectively. Data were analyzed by using nonparametric tests in SPSS. As a result, role cards as drama technique has been more effective than conventional learning method on speaking ability success and the attitude devoted to the lesson. Additionally, the method applied to the students in control group has been effective on speaking ability success and the attitude devoted to the lesson, however it has been seen lower increase compared to the students in experimental group.
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Speaking, Drama, Role Cards, Conventional Learning, Success, Attitude.

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