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Effect Of Micro Credit in the Figth Agains Women Poverty and the Case of Nigde
In this study, it was tried to investigate the functioning of micro credit system in province Nigde and its social and economic effects on women. For that purpose, 110 women participants having used micro credit by cooperating with the Branch of Microcredit of Grameen Bank in Nigde were interviewed in person and a multiple choice survey was carried out with them. In these interviews, it was intended for presenting socio-demographic profiles of women having used micro credit in Nigde, what kind of job they conducted through micro credit, whether micro credit caused a change in their income level and social life, whether it contributed to employment, what sort of problems they encountered in the implementation of micro credit and what they offered for the solution of encountered problems. It was reached the end of the survey that women having used micro credits in Nigde were contented with the system in a considerable extent and they encountered a number of problems such as insufficiency of given credit, marketing problems despite micro credit had considerable contributions to their economic and social life.

Poverty, Womens Poverty, Microcredit, Nigde.

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