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Carrying Out Discipline Committee Software Working Based on Fuzzy Logic
Discipline committee is established in school and these decide punishment by evaluating some rules. However, when it is examined the ministry of education (MEB)’s related regulations, it is observed that there are many issue that must be considered while any student is being punishmented and discipline committee always don’t evaluate all of these subject. In this study, when students are referred to the discipline committee, a software was carried out to help deciding more just by evaluating all conditions. Qualitative datas were obtained from MEB’s secondary education regulation that published in 28758 official gazette in 7 September 2013 to implement this software. These datas will be entered to C#.NET artificial intelligence software programed by using fuzzy logic and theit can be obtained student’s punishment rate by means of rule basement with 675 rules. Also because the software will store generated datas inself-database, it will provide to store discipline committee’s decisions in digital medias except committee record and to reach this datasany times easily.

Fuzzy Logic, Discipline Committee, Artificial Intelligence, Dotfuzzy Library, C#.NET.

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