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Social Construction of Identity and the Transition of the Traditional Female Identity
The aim of this research is to analyze the construction of the reality and the transition of the traditional female identity within the social process. In the theoretical basis of this research lie the thoughts of “the formation of the everyday life and the production of the realization of the society” of Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann. It is a process of a cycle with three bases; externalization, objectivation and internalization. The externalized reality gets institutionalized and objectified in time by the legitimation of the self-reality and the nihilization of the other realities. The objectified reality gets internalized in the primary and the secondary socialization process. The cycle rounds out by the externalization of what is internalized in the roles and actions. The identities get constructed within this process of cycle in the everyday life. One of these identities, the female identity gets externalized, objectified, internalized and in time reified and the transition continues without questioning. Our objective here is neither to define the female identity nor to analyze its rapid and radical transition but to put forward the transition of the traditional female identity that has a slower rate of change.
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Social Construction, Externalization, Objectivation, Internalization, Institutionalization, Socializ

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