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Turkey Association of Struggle Against Zionism and It’s Activities
Zionism which entered world politics with the aim to establish an independent Jewish state in Palestine, has always been on the agenda of the Turkish public opinion since the Ottoman Empire. The imperialist policy of Israeli which founded in 1948, towards "Greater Israel" and "arz-i mev’ud" showed that Zionism is still a threat. By the beginning of Arab-Israel wars in 1948 Turkish public opinion become pro- Arab and against Israel and Zionism. The largest land invasion of Israel from the 1967 war, has aroused indignation especially in conservative nationalist part of public. The Turkey Association against Zionism, which was established in 1968 in Izmir, has brought a formal dimension to the struggle to Zionism and has adopted the task of warning the public against every aspect of Zionism. The attitude of Association slide easly from opposition to Zionism to anti-Semitism and Jews reacted the Association. Staying within the two branches of the Association and the lack of financial support caused to remain marginal. But the Association has an important position because of leading role on the establishment of associations against Zionism in the Arab World.

Zionism, Antisemitism, Israel, Fedai, Kemal Fedai Coşkuner.

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