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The Evolution of the Two Nationalism Theories: Modern Nationalism Theory and Ethno-Symbolism Nationalism Theory
Nationalism is one of the significant facts which influences today’s social and political structure. Nationalism is mostly discussed as an ideology, discourse, language, and mobilizing political action. Nationalism is ultimately a doctrine. The factor that underlying these discussions is directed towards how and in what way the occurrence of the affect the level of political, social, and cultural which are created by nationalism. The modern nationalist theory, which is one of theoretical approaches about nationalism, indicates that nationalism is a modern fact. Again, this theory states that in practice and discourse the social, political and economic transformations, which have been lived together with the modernity, constituted the first of the development stage of nationalism which integrated with the national idea. The ethno-symbolic approach is based on the judgment that the acceptance of the idea that the nationalism begins with absolute modernization process, may be wrong. It should be explained in the context of ethnic elements in the pre-modern period and again this approach assumes that nationalism should be understood by the taking into account of the myths, origins understanding’s dominance over the masses through symbols and icons. In this sense, this article presents a detailed assessment of the two theories of nationalism and makes an assumption about in which contexts it should be discussed.

Nation, Nationalism, Modern Nationalism Theory, Ethno-Symbolism Nationalism Approach.

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