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New Media and Individual in the Context of Social Power
It is focused in this study on how the field of social power is emerged by the new media apparatuses that are reinforcing being social subject status of individual. In this sense, the understanding of forms of power, which is sophisticatedly progressing nowadays, is possible by interpretation of the relationship which individual builds with new media apparatuses. The new media technologies make people individualistic while putting together via web metaphor; making people atomized while integrating them into global process; making people vulnerable and more palpable for new governing forms while freeing their users; ought to be understood within a new critical perspective. This inquiry has a critical approach with regard to consideration of new media and the forms of power constitution based on four fundamental domination fields. These domination fields, which occur technological, political, cultural and social power, are argued at the theoretical level by way of descriptive analysis method with literature review.

power, individual, new media, social media

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