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The Village in the Expectations of the Rural Residents: The Case of Unur Village in Cankiri
Having started to develop in the United States in early 20th century, Rural Sociology emerged as an important field also in Turkey and many field studies were conducted especially in the period between1930-80. In the period after 1980, despite a decline in the number of studies, the interest in this area continues. Broadly, the aim of this study is to describe the bond – or the bond no longer exists or about to break off – between Anatolian peasant and his/her village he/she lives in. To achieve this goal, the issues related/ could be related to migration were highlighted. Especially, it was considered that the villagers, and their expectations about their children’s future, mate preferences of young in the age of marriage (in the framework of settlement variable) would offer data related to the strength of the bond with village settlement and farming. Analysis of data collected from the area shows that there has been a massive migration out ward the village, and more importantly, the village as a production and work environment does not take place within the villagers’ expectations related to the future of their children The data were collected from Unur, a mid-sized village, in Cankiri in December 3, 2014. We tried to reach all the residents in the village and conducted the questionnaires to the householder and the lady – if they were not at home, to the eldest child - through interview. Data collected from a total of 235 participants were analyzed using SPSS 21 statistical software package.

Rural Sociology, Village, Understanding of Village, Migration, Cankiri

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