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Household Home Outside Factors Affecting Food Consumption: Nazilli Example
In this study, the factors affecting out-of-home food consumption are aimed to be researched. In the study, how often the families consume the out-of- home food, in which repast they eat outside, where they eat and who effects the consumption of the out-of- home food are researched. The main objective of the study is to analyze the relationship between the households that consume out-of-home food in urban areas of the town Nazilli and the factors affecting out-of-home food consumption. In the study, a survey was applied to 230 families living in urban areas of Nazilli, which is the town of province Aydın. The reaults of the surveys were analysed by the programme SPSS 16.0. From the results of the survey it is seen that %83.9 of the families applied survey consume out-of-home food, and the %16.1 of them don't consume it. The comparison with the out-of-home food consumption and family incomes, the status and the educational levels of mothers, marital status of the people, assets the families have which are the main factors affecting food consumption outside the home is analysed.

Consumption of out-of-home food, consumption of prepared food, consumption function, factors effecti

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