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A Research on e-Complaints Towards Thermal Hotels From an Internet Complaint Forum
The purpose of study is to identify the dimensions of customers' e-complaints towards thermal hotels, and determine the rate of hotels' managements respondency to these complaints. After a literature review about issue, Conceptual framework was drawen related to thermal hotels and customer complaints. In addition, researching the complaints towards thermal hotels is aimed. with this aim, the complaints obtained by content analysis method are examined and evaluated. Data, customers' 2340 e-complaints, were obtained from the online- complaint-platform, named as Sikayetvar.com, dated from January 2014 to April 2015. As a result of content analysis, basic complaint issues of customers were determined. Results show that complaints are gathered under various dimensions, such as web page, etc and also %32,48 of e-complaints towards thermal hotels are responded. The best three dimensions which have more complaints are price-advertisement-promotion, call center, and staff. It’s searched out that price-advertising-promotion took first place in complaints towards thermal hotels.

Thermal Tourism, Thermal hotels, customer complaints, e-complaints.

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