2017 Kasım Sayısı Türkçe
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Education and Teacher
In this study it is being tried to explain the case of education and its effects on community and also to combine the qualifications which are required of teachers by comprehensive studies. It is examining the conclusions of some experiences and reports in order to have better teachers and education in Turkey nowadays. In this regard, by specifying the teacher standards and qualifications of teachers, it will produce a help to lighten the problem. It is examined to seek the qualification of teachers and give some purpose adopted existing conditions and related studies. Taking into account the studies carried out in the past, it was aimed to reach the result. The study is examining the situation in the area; existing sources selected as the results of extensive research and reports and other publications appeared today. As a result it is presenting a pile of suggestions for education and teachers.

Education, Teacher Education Program, Teacher Qualifications, Teacher Standards in Education

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