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Levels of School Principals’ Instructional Leadership Behaviors According to Teachers' Perceptions
The aim of this study is to determine, according to teachers' perceptions of principals' instructional leadership behaviors they exhibit at what level. However, school teachers’ stage of their work, the gender of teachers and their seniority was investigated whether a difference in perception on exhibit of school principals' instructional leadership behaviors. Descriptive survey model has been used as a research model. The research population is teachers who work at all levels in the city of Elazığ. Research in the academic year 2013-2014 in the central district of the city of Elazığ, four primary, five secondary schools and two high school teachers was conducted with a total of 358 working. According to the survey are determined; high school teachers working in schools at different levels according to their perception of principals' exhibit more instructional leadership behaviors. A significant difference was not found between the genders of teachers. Considering the seniority of teachers, school principals' instructional leadership behaviors have dropped to exhibit, the perception of the average seniority increases. In particular, the teachers' perceptions of the profession have been identified in the first five years was higher than in the other groups. At the end of the study, recommendations were made based on the results.

Instructional Leadership, School Principal, Teacher Perception

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