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An Introduction to the Muqaddimah: The Rise and fall of the Overwhelming and Violent Politics
This article aims to demonstrate the main features of the methodology introduced by Ibn Khaldun in discovery of the law of causality behind social-political phenomena. To better understand how he applied this methodology to the social-political sphere of his day, four conceptual pillars above which it rises need to be conceived: ‘Umran’ which refers to physical, political and economic construction of the inhabited regions of the world by human gatherings (1), ‘Asabiyah’ which simply refers to tribal and/or kinship ties between individuals and community (2), dichotomy of primitive (bedouin) and civil (hadarah) political organisations (3) and ‘Mulk’ which refers to the state as a central-universal political structure (4). In the Muqaddimah which means ‘The Introduction’, the concepts in question are elaborated and analysed with references to the subsistence systems through an economic determinism. Article also attempts to combine the modern anthropological evidences with those of Muqaddimah in account of these concepts particularly in the context of the transition of human societies from decentralized to centralized-hierarchical political structures.

Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah, Asabiyah, Umran, Mulk, Political Corruption

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