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Bureaucracy as an Actor in Tanzimat Period Public Policies
Public policy is a field that emerged 20th century and gained interest in Turkey with coming of 2000s. Public policy which is defined as choice of doing or not doing decided by administration is a process that includes several phases and actors from inviduals to international structures. Bureaucracy is an effective actor in decision and application phases of public policy process. This study aims to investigate bureaucracy which is an effective actor of public policy, from an authentic historical period perspective. From this standpoint, Tanzimat period was selected as it was bureaucracies primary aspect. So that it was aimed to contribute to literature by observing Tanzimat period from a perpective of a new field of bureaucracy. In this study, firstly it was stated that what is public policy as a general and then in the second part it was emphasized on where bureacracy stands in the public policy process and in which states its effectiveness will increase. In the third part Tanzimat period general public policies and in the last part the increasing influence of bureaucrats were observed.

Public Policy, Policy Process, Actor, Bureaucracy, Tanzimat

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