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Can the Students who haven't taken any Algebra Education Use Equations while Solving Problems?
The aim of the study is to investigate whether students who haven’t taken any algebra education use equations while solving problems or not. In the study, case study, one of the qualitative research methods, was used. Criterion sampling method of purposive sampling methods was used for selecting the participants. 8 students comprising of 4 girls and 4 boys of a 5th grade of an elementary school in a middle classed county of Bolu participated the study. A test including 4 questions namely, one right proportion, one inverse proportion, one linear relationship and one exponential number, was prepared by the researchers to collect data. As the result of the study it was found that while solving the questions, the students do not have any problems in numerical cases except inverse proportion and they can explain their answers orally. Additionally, it was appeared that the students who haven’t taken any algebra education can set up equations about the questions asked and use these equations for different numerical cases.

Direct-inverse proportion, linear relationship, exponential numbers, pre-algebra, equations

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