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A Research of the Current Situation of Educatıonal Activities of Foundation Universities in Turkey
In this study, analysis of current situations existed in the strategic plans of foundation universities were analyzed by basing on educational activities, it was aimed to determine their current status in this area. In theory part, the importance of strategic planning was emphasized, information about the current status of foundation universities in Turkey were given. In the implementation section “current state analysis” in the plans were examined according to the document analysis within the scope of qualitative analysis, by reaching the strategic plans of foundation universities. Strengths of selected education activities of foundation universities were “variety of educational practices, education in English, characteristics of academic staff, student-academicians communication”.The weaknesses were “lack of promotional activities, human resources, information source, lack of technology and physical space”. Opportunity in educational activities of Universities are “growing demand for higher education, spread of lifelong learning, young population structure of Turkey, qualified labor needs of the Business world, increasing importance of vocational education, education in a foreign language needs, newly opened departments and programs”. Threats are “the presence of the newly established universities, increase in the number of universities, competitive environment, qualified students prefer state universities”.

Strategic Planning, Current State Analysis, Foundation Universities

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