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New Urgench City during the Period of Qongrat Dynasty
Urgench city has been also known in history as Jurjanîyah, and Gurganj. City been had reconstructed in different districts due to the geographic conditions and destructive wars. Urgench is located in the distinct of Khorezm. It was significant city which grew in time and did not evanesced from the stage of history.In 1221, the Mongols destroyed surrounding levees and caused a flood in the city in order to occupy Urgench. At the mid 14th century, the city again reached its glorious old days with its famous bazaars, wide streets and architecture. In 16th century, it was the capital of Khanate of Khiva. However, the capital had been moved to Khiva after when there was a long drought in Urgench. In 19th century New Urgench has been established on a flat area and encircled by ramparts. Sarts, Uzbeks and Turcomans have lived in Urgench. Urgench was a city in which a dense population lived in wealth and prosperity. In 19th century, the city was ruled by Qongrad family who was also in control of the Khiva Khanate. Urgench was one of the states of Khiva Khanate which was governed by a governor assigned from capital. Highly circulated trade was very well established in the city and monopolized by Sarts. The city of Urgench had become a storage and dispatching area for the goods exported by and imported for the countries such as Russia and Bukhara.
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Urgench, Sarts, Turcoman, Uzbeks, Khiva, Qungrads.

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