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Publication Analyses of Çankırı Karatekin University Indexed in ULAKBIM Social Science and Humanities Database
In recent years, with the establishment of foundation universities and state universities, university number has reached to 170 in our country (YÖK, 2013). With the increasing number of universities, productivity is expected to increase, like the development of innovation and creativity. Publications are one of the indicators of productivity in universities. In this content, aim of the study is to analyse the affectivity of Cankiri Karatekin University’s publications in the field of social sciences. This analysis is completed with using the National Academic Network and Information Centre (ULAKBIM) national databases, Social Science and Humanities Database. When query was completed in the related database, 74 publication was found and then analysed, which was written with the address of Cankiri Karatekin University. At the end of the study; University’s year wise productivity and collaboration coefficient have been determined and most productive faculty, most productive department and most productive author and also most preferred journals have been identified.
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ULAKBİM Social Science and Humanities Database, Cankiri Karatekin University, Publication Productivi

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