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An Analysis of Nuri Bilge Ceylan Films Cocoon, the SmallTown and Clouds of May from a Realist Cinema Perspective
Looking at the history of art, one can see that all branches of art are influenced by “realism”. Among these, it is literature that was first affected by the idea of ‘Realism’. In the history of film theory, two theorists have an undeniably influential place: Siegfried Kracauer, and Andre Bazin. The work of these prominent film theorists keeps shedding light on many of the aspects in film studies and guide professionals, directors, academics and students. In this study, one of Turkish cinema’s leading directors Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s first three movies Cocoon, The SmallTown and Clouds of May are analysed through a qualitative content analysis. It will be argue that the way Ceylan projects his understanding of realism in his films as well as his sensitivity in the selection and use of actors and settings prove that his films are in dissociable from Rossellini and De Sica films.

Reality, Realistic Cinema, Romanticism, Simulation, Italian New Realism, Turkish Cinema

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